Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I finished my draft introduction

I wrote my first draft of the introduction to my pip based on the comments I got for my proposal. I'm still not very confident about it, I think it's lacking a lot and I'll need help from my teacher asap so I can get it out of the way and start working on the body or my pip.

Holidays work

I basically have no clue what to do, I've tried looking for sources that are reliable but so far I've only found one:

But that isn't even a big help it basically just discusses different artists in society, not how they're viewed. 

I honestly have no idea where to look for these ten sources.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

More thoughts on my new topic.

After me and miss dissected the new topic further, we developed the idea of looking at artists and how they express their emotions across so many different mediums, and looking at how they are viewed by society and if their works/ them as people are appreciated and accepted by society. I was thrilled to be doing this as all the other pips focussing on creativity/ expression were all about the artwork whereas this idea looks at the artists and their connection with their works which I'm sure will make for a very interesting project.


When researching new topics at the state library I came across a few (not many) that looked at art. I am a great fan of art, and it is one of my favorite subjects and so I thought this might be a good direction to take. When I discussed it with miss she agreed that this would be a great way to go as there are almost no ethical complications to consider other than keeping people anonymous.

When we were discussing what my topic could actually be we got very broad, such as discussions creativity in school, and in young children, how little classrooms have changed over the years and how schools can kill creativity. As much as I find all this interesting it needed to be broken far more, and I would like to take it back to where I started and make art the key aspect of the topic.

Changing my idea completely

If I chose to do transgendered issues then I would: 
1. Still have many ethical complications that would make researching this issue very hard.
2. Have to find people who are transgendered to gather information from them personally.
I'm not sure if this is going to be achievable and so I've decided to go in a new direction completely.

Do I need to change my pip idea on the whole?

Miss gave me the idea to still go the transgendered rout but look at it differently. This would mean studying their acceptance into society rather than their options as people, which is far more invasive and ethically concerning. I wouldn't mind doing this but I am definitely going to have to look at all of my options first.

Changing my pip idea

Due to the fact that there are going to be numerous ethical complications with my current pip idea of transgendered people and what the healthiest option for them in life is, the most rational thing to do would be to change my topic. As I have no other ideas this means starting from scratch.